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JiFi is here!

     You must have heard or read the term 'WiFi'...but do you know what 'Jifi' is? Well, if you already don't know, you would soon know as it is going to be a popular Buzzword! It is Banking enabled on Social Networking, a novel concept/initiative by Kotak Mahindra Bank.

As WiFi makes you free and independent with wireless connectivity and reduces your worries, JiFi too has lot of attractive features that will reduce your tensions and stress a lot. First and foremost - it offers zero balance account which means you can enjoy all the benefits of a regular account, without worrying about tracking and maintaining monthly balances. Jifi is a non-interest bearing account, however it does not have any minimum balance requirements. What's more, it pays high interest on balances over Rs.25,000 by automatically creating term deposits with your spare cash.
As mentioned JiFi is Social Banking which means it lets you enjoy instant updates of your bank account through your personalised Twitter handle. Thus, with Jifi Your account balance, transaction history, cheque book request and many more activities are now just a tweet away.

Not just that but refer a friend, colleague or your family member to sign up for Jifi and you will get rewarded for it. Every time you like or comment on Facebook, you'll be rewarded with social points. The more social you are, the more points you earn! Transact online or pay bills to earn transaction points. Transaction point literally mean money back in your account. Eyeing that really great reward voucher for months? Request a friend for points or transfer them to a friend in need. Jifi is the only loyalty program that lets you transfer your points. Redeem reward points instantly, at your favourite shopping or dining destinations.

You can access JiFi thorugh Mobile Apps too.

When you open a Jifi account you will be benefited with multiple sign up benefits like 1 year free Platinum subscription of Kotak MoneyWatch program. Referral Points and Transactional Loyalty are also in store.

Last but not least with JiFi It’s Platinum, it’s yours! Jifi Debit Card comes with a host of premium benefits catered to your taste. A chip based debit card, that offers added security at PoS terminals and gives you a higher withdrawal limit at ATMs.

I am going to go for JiFi in a Jiffy...and you?

Get more details about it at

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